New Dates TBD


1) The Artists and Artist Residencies accepted into fair are provided with complimentary booth spaces and booth lighting in the fair. All accepted exhibitors are required to staff their booth space during the entire fair exhibition schedule unless prior arrangements are made with Solo Artists Project Inc., dba Solo Art Fair.

2) The Fair Producers do not guarantee specific booth placement, booth configurations or booth footage. The Producers reserve the right to make changes in booth assignments, and square footage allocations within the exhibition at its sole discretion at any time. The square footage is not guaranteed until the final floor plan is completeSpecial requests concerning location and space will be considered but cannot be made a condition of participation unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by both parties.

3) All images submitted to Solo Art Fair become the property of the fair and thus they maybe be used in any and all promotional material and marketing campaigns for the fair whether it is print, digital, or any and all social media sites. The artists will receive recognition for the image and no images will be reproduced for any other purpose other than what is stated above in this paragraph number 3.

4) In the event that any Artist that has been accepted to participate in the fair cannot fulfill their committment to exhibit during the fair dates said exhbitior must inform Solo Artists Project Inc. within 2 months of the fair opening date indicated on their invoice or they may be in breach of their agreement and may be liable for damages.

 5) The Exhibitor agrees to abide by the strict aesthetic standards set forth by the fair producers and agrees to abide by all rules, regulations terms and conditions contained in the Exhibitor’s Manual. Overall look of exhibit will be approved by Solo Art Fair, which includes all walls, signage, lighting, and wall hangings. Solo Art Fair will not permit salon style hanging in the booth space. Any overcrowding or overhanging of the booth must be rectified immediately prior to the fair opening. The final approval of each space will be determined by Solo Art Fair.

6) Sub-Contractors — All sub-contractors must be approved by Solo Art Fair prior to entering the venue and check in at the registration desk with their creditials. They will then be required to wear a badge with their name and company onit for indentification.

7) Badges — All Exhibitors must wear exhibitor badges at all times within the Exhibition hall.

8) Security — 24-hour security service is provided to prevent entry to the exhibition area by anyone not authorized by Solo Art Fair or not wearing proper badges. The security service does not guarantee Exhibitors against loss, theft, or other mischief and does not imply an assumption of liability for the loss, destruction of any Exhibitor’s property or injury to Exhibitor’s personnel.

9) Restrictions — No Exhibitor will be allowed to mount, display or post non-uniform signage without written approval. No additional displays or artists works displayed outside the specific booth dimensions will be allowed and standing racks within the booth are no permitted as well.

10) Exhibitor shall make no assignments or sublet it’s booth space or any part thereof or permit any other party to conduct business in the booth space without the written consent of Solo Art Fair.

11) Special Wall Arrangements — any alterations in booth surfaces must be approved in writing by Solo Art Fair. All hanging devices must be removed from the walls at the end of the fair. The Exhibitor is responsible for any repair of damages made to the walls (i.e. excessive holes, etc).

12) The liability of Solo Art Fair for failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement is limited to a refund of the Exhibitor’s monies paid to the fair excluding the application fee that is non refundable as stated on the application and agreed upon by all applicants. Solo Artists Project Inc. dba Solo Art Fair in its sole discretion may cancel this agreement and the parties hereto shall be released of all further obligations and liabilities.

13) Neither Solo Artists Project Inc. nor the lessor of the property will accept any responsibility for the well-being of any products or materials that is consigned to or in the possession of any Exhibitor during the Exhibition. The Exhibitor waives any and all claims against Solo Artists Project Inc. its contractors, agents, employees, invitees, sponsors, the lessor of the property and the host city/town, for loss, damage or destruction by theft, fire, water, extreme heat or cold and other natural disasters of any products or materials in crates, items dropping off wall, packing materials or any other items of Exhibitor located on the exhibition premises at any time. Also, Exhibitor waives claims for injury to itself, its agents or employees while on Exhibition premises and for any damage of any nature including damage to its business by reason of the failure to provide booth space for its exhibit or for failure to hold the exhibition as scheduled. All Exhibitors personal property of every kind or description which may at the time be in the booth or on the Exhibition premises shall be at the Exhibitor’s sole risk. Solo Artists Project Inc. will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by another Exhibitor or any person(s) either on the Exhibition premises or elsewhere. Solo Artists Project Inc. shall not be responsible for damage or loss of property of Exhibitors that is kept in storage on the Exhibition premises, no matter how caused.

14) Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold Solo Artists Project Inc. dba Solo Art Fair its employees, invitees, sponsors and lessor of the grounds and the host city/town and their respective officers, agents as additional insureds, and the host city/town harmless for any claims arising out of negligence of Exhibitor or its employees.

15) Insurance — It is strongly recommended that the Exhibitor also carry insurance to cover loss, damage, or injury to any property or employees you might have at the show. Any exhibitor who choses not to provide an insurance certificate prior to the fair set up days must sign an insurane waiver form which will indemify Solo Artists Project Inc. dba Solo Art Fair of any and all loss or perceived loss. 

16) Solo Artists Project Inc. dba Solo Art Fair is not liable to perform its obligations if such failure is a result of Acts of God, including but not limited to extreme rain storms or heat, hurricane or other natural disaster, terrorist activities, government sanction blockage, labor strikes, lockout or interruption of electricity, Solo Artists Project Inc. will take reasonable steps to cure and limit damages caused by these unforeseen events and that Solo Artists Project Inc. substantially fulfill all other non-excused obligations. The fair producers will notify Exhibitor in a timely manner of the likelihood of an actual occurrence of a force majeure event.

17) This Agreement is governed solely by the laws of New York State. In the event of any litigation arising from this Agreement, the parties hereby agree that the sole venue for all legal action shall lie exclusively in the appropriate courts of New York, New York. The parties agree to waive trial by jury in any and all litigation arising from this Agreement. In the event of arbitration or litigation between the parties, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and court costs. In the event of any ambiguity or question of intent of interpretation arises, this agreement shall be construed as if jointly drafted by the parties and no presumption of burden of proof shall arise favoring or disfavoring any party by virtue of the authorship of any of the provisions in this agreement.