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The Application

All artwork at the Solo Art Fair is presented solely by individual artists. Artists may submit their work using the Orangenius platform. Upload three to six works to Orangenius, with details about yourself and your works. Every artist who applies will receive an Orangenius Pro account for six months, (a $54 value) and gain access to Orangenius’ career-building tools. Along with visual resumes, customizable portfolios and other unique features, artists can sell their work on the Orangenius Marketplace, with only a 10 percent commission fee.


A jury of art industry leaders will choose 80 artists to participate in the fair upon submitting their application. Artists exhibiting at SAF 2018 will present works of art that conform with the fair’s strict exhibition guidelines. Artist submissions will be reviewed and carefully approved by our Selection Committee. Selected artists will be given complimentary booth space and booth lighting at the fair, which will be held from September 27-30, 2018 at The Brooklyn Expo Center. Thirty additional finalists will be featured on, an online journal focused on helping creators understand the business of art, as well as through Solo Art Fair partnerships and social media, with a reach of more than 100,000 viewers.

Marketing and Attendance

An art fair cannot be successful without serious buyers. In collaboration with with partner organizations and NYC-based public relations team, Solo Art Fair has developed a marketing plan designed to promote the fair and its selected artists throughout the coming year. The plan includes a mix of print advertising in a variety of national magazines, digital marketing campaigns in online art forums, a strategic social media campaign, and selected press coverage in a variety of mediums. Solo Art Fair will also directly market to their own database of over 42,000 art fair attendees and collectors generated from the dozens of art fairs held over the past decade.

Extending the Life of the Fair

Artists selected for exhibition will additionally receive sales and marketing support with Orangenius ART360, an augmented/virtual reality tool that creates a 3D interactive version of the fair. Viewers who can’t attend the fair will be able to virtually ‘walk’ through the fair, (VR equipment is not required), and see each work in high-resolution, as if they were actually there. ART360 integrates with the Orangenius so each work in the ART360 links to its page on Orangenius where viewers can learn more about the work or buy it. Solo Art Fair exhibitor will be able to embed the ART360 to their websites, post it to social media or add it to other online platforms.

Are you ready to step outside the Art Fair Boundaries?


Solo Art Fair will be instrumental in providing the exhibiting artists a platform to directly develop relationships within the art world and beyond.

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