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Why Should I Apply?

If you are looking for strategic exposure to the art world in the number one market in the world, New York, then you should consider applying to the fair. Solo Art Fair is the first art fair to not charge participating artists for their own booth in an art fair. Solo also does not take a percentage of any art sales ever. All booths in the fair will be 8’ deep and range in width from 12’ to 20’ with 12’ high hard walls. Each booth comes with LED lights and a table and 2 chairs.

How To Apply?

Artists can apply online by completing the application form on our website. If you are an artist looking to gain exposure that participating in an art fair can bring then you should apply. Please fill out the form completely including your bio/cv and images of proposed exhibition.

What's the Application Deadline?

All applications must be received by Solo Art Fair by the end of day on June 15, 2018.

What Is The Selection Process?
Solo Art Fair is a highly curated exhibition for artists. The Selection Committee will be comprised of contemporary art world experts to include curators, critics, gallerists and artists. The booths in the fair will be strictly curated and all booth exhibitions must be approved by Solo. Overhanging of booths will not be permitted. All decisions by the Selection Committee are final.
Who / What is Solo Art Fair?

Solo Art Fair is an experienced team of art fair professionals. We will use that experience to provide all accepted artists with the opportunity to meet art consultants, art galleries, collectors, curators, art world professionals and designers looking to establish relationships directly with the artists themselves. The fair will provide access to the art world and create opportunities that have not been available to most artists today in the same format as the top art fairs produced today.

What's Solo's Mission?

Solo Art Fair is truly stepping outside the art fair boundaries. Solo will give artists a working platform to engage with collectors, curators, galleries and museum professionals who might otherwise never see their work. This is the artists fair and that is why the booths we are offering complimentary booths to all accepted artists. The goal of Solo is to help raise awareness of artists and their desire to keep creativity flowing. Without artists there is no art. Solo is looking for artists who are creating new, exciting, thought provoking and original contemporary art without the financial resources that is a prerequisite of the all art fairs currently being produced today.

Are you ready to step outside the Art Fair Boundaries?


Solo Art Fair will be instrumental in providing the exhibiting artists a platform to directly develop relationships within the art world and beyond.

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